Partner Center users can capture and store information about their contacts and companies and create associations between them in Partner Center.
As an agency owner, effectively managing customer relationships is vital to your success. Currently, Vendasta's Sales & Success Center offers a CRM experience that put companies first and makes it difficult to create and manage contacts, causing issues when integrating with other software that you use that contains the customer data. With the new CRM, partners can now easily manage and organize their contacts, companies, and activities data from various sources within Partner Center, consolidating all the information in one place.
Partner Users will be able to:
  1. Create, read, update, and delete contacts/ activities/ companies
  2. Search and filter contacts and companies
  3. Able to find contacts and companies based on activities
  4. Upload contacts & companies in bulk
  5. Support other services and vendors to extend and update the contacts, companies, and activities models