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What's New: 2023-01-05

This week, exciting new features in Reputation Management and Social Marketing harness the power of AI content generation.
Refund purchases paid for through Vendasta Payments directly and immediately.
See full context of refunds with product, client account, and refund reason now included in the notification emails
Reputation Management & Social Marketing
Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to respond to reviews and craft social posts in seconds. Learn more about how it works in Reputation Management and Social Marketing.
[Reputation Management] Partners and clients can once again view and use Reputation Management in their preferred language.
[Social Marketing] Drag and drop scheduled posts.
Snapshot Report
Refresh Snapshot Reports from the account overview page and account details page in either Partner Center or Sales & Success Center, and even in the edit view.
Find and compare local competitors with City-wide Search.
Other Products
[Accounts] Create new accounts located in China.
[Automations] Unselect emails that were pulled into an automation from the library and create new emails to use in their place.
[Business App] Get Started page has been restored.
[Website Pro] Access the Website Pro dashboard and your custom domains without disruption.
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