Partner Center
Email Campaigns
This week, Vendasta has a handful of fantastic enhancements to all corners of our software that will help you connect and communicate with partners and clients more easily than ever.
See which email campaigns an account is included in right from their account record in Partner Center.
Direct campaign contacts to landing pages in your store with a single click by adding links as dynamic content in your emails.
Access to the emails within recommended campaigns has been restored.
Chat with your Vendasta rep via Inbox from inside Partner Center. Don’t have an Account Manager with your Vendasta plan? Upgrade today! On average, our partners experience a 120% revenue growth rate over partners on plans that don’t include an Account Manager. Send us a message right from Partner Center if you need help upgrading, or would like to learn more.
Filter contact lists by your desired criteria into curated lists, and export them as csv files to upload to Vendasta, HubSpot, or other software.
[Listing Builder] Operational Information is syncing from Partner Center.
[Listing Builder] Listing Sync assesses match quality to calculate listing score.
[Orders] Order forms display populated fields correctly.
[Proposal Builder] Business Details imported from Snapshot Reports maintain correct formatting.
[Social Marketing] New Instagram posts are uploading reliably.
[Social Marketing] Re-schedule post functionality has been restored.
[Task Manager] Activation is accessible to all partners.