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What's New: 2023-03-09

Welcome to the Changelog! Going forward, you’ll find a weekly summary of all new releases right here in our customer roadmap to make it easy to keep track of what’s new and improved.
Customer Roadmap
Vote, comment, and request new features on our customer roadmap, and be notified if and when they become available. (If you're reading this, you're here! Just click on "Roadmap" above to browse and search, or "Give Feedback" to submit new requests.)
Here's a quick rundown of the statuses you'll see:
Open = Functionality has been requested.
Not Planned = Not scheduled to be built in the near term.
Planned = Likely to be built within the next 3-9 months.
Up Next = Slated to be built within the next 3 months.
In Progress = Currently being worked on!
Now Available = Already released - go try it out!
Choose from 4,000 business categories when setting up Accounts to provide tools like Snapshot Report and Listing Distribution more precise information for generating accurate assessments and boosting SEO, respectively. Learn more
Apply automations to all of your markets in one click.
See payment date, time, and type in addition to payer account, total amount, and invoice number on payment email notifications.
Task Manager
Clearly see which templates you can edit - those that belong to you! - and which are managed by a vendor.