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What's New: 2023-10-05

This week, Gracen Steeg takes you through the world of growth and optimization at your fingertips with Vendasta’s Premium Reports.
All the reports you need in one place, right in-platform. [00:31]
  • Account Services Reports:
    Review your clients' social account connections and analytics. Learn more
  • Automations Reports:
    Monitor your automations' execution rates and find further efficiencies. Learn more
  • Billing Reports:
    Analyze purchases by customer, market, or product to discover purchasing trends and reveal untapped markets. Learn more
  • Invoicing & Payments Reports
    : Track accounts receivable to effortlessly manage due payments and address overdue accounts. Learn more
  • Sales Performance Reports
    : Monitor your sales pipeline, analyze win rates, dive deep into closed-won opportunities, and more to get the actionable insights your team needs to close larger deals, faster. Learn more
Premium Reports is included in Premium and Custom subscriptions at no extra cost. Get started now in Partner Center > Reporting > Premium Reports. Premium Reports is also available as an add-on to any other subscription tier.
Learn more
Business App
  • [Customer Management] Add, remove, or re-order columns in the Contact and Company tables, and save your custom configuration. [4:31]
  • [Billing & Payments] Add internal notes to invoices to log revisions or related context for your team. [4:12]
  • [Orders] Create and submit sales orders for approval from Partner Center. [3:26]
Social Marketing
  • Post to Instagram from multi-location Business App. Learn more [3:07]